Evaluations & Reports

School Improvement Plan

Below is a copy of our plan for moving forward as a school in the next year (detailed) and three years(broad).  This is part of a cycle of evaluating, reflecting and improving that informs all the work within the school.

  Improvement Plan 2017-18



Standards and Quality Reports

Below is a copy of our most recent Standards and Quality issued in September 2021.  This gives a brief summary of our 'headline' attainments plus a brief overview of scheduled Improvement Planning.  Previous years' SQR are available on request from the School Office

SQR Headlines 2020-21



Validated Self-evaluation Visit Dec 2014

The school was visited by two Quality Improvement Officers and two Head teachers from other schools to look at the quality of the education we provide.  A very positive process saw us praised in many areas and good ideas given in others.  The full report appears below:

VSE 2014